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Autism Waivers

What is a waiver?

A Home and Community Based Waiver provides a range of services to children and adults that meet the eligibility criteria for each waiver.  Every waiver provides specific services and health care benefits through Medicaid for recipients.  Maryland waivers are funded jointly by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the State.

What is the autism waver?

The Home and Community Based Waiver for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, known as the Autism Waiver,  is for children that would be at risk for an institutional placement.  Current funding supports 1000 children on the Autism Waiver.  Children enter the Autism Waiver through the local school systems who provide service coordination and the technical eligibility determination.  Seven different Autism Waiver Services are provided by 58 community based providers serving children in their home and community.

Who do I call if I want my child placed on the Autism Waiver Registry?
Those families who are interested in applying to the Autism Waiver should call 1-866-417-3480.

If I am interested in advocacy, who can I contact?

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