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Bulletin Board Newsletter Timelines and Guidelines — R. 3/3/2021

DEI/SES Early Intervention and Special Education Leadership Bulletin Board

Timelines and Guidelines 2020-2021 – Revised 3.3.2012

Bulletin Board is a newsletter published by DEI/SES to showcase new and innovative leadership and student successes at the local level and across Maryland. The newsletter is published electronically for the Birth-21 Early Intervention and Special Education leadership community. 

Considerations for Your Content Submissions

Think of the DEI/SES Bulletin Board as
‘5 Things You Need to Know About LOCAL Early Intervention and Special Education Leadership in Maryland’

In a 5-minute read, we’re showcasing one exciting update in each of the following five areas:

  1. Early Childhood
  2. Secondary Transition
  3. Access, Equity, Progress (Specially Designed Instruction)
  4. Spotlight on a New or Innovative Leader
  5. Other Critical Area: Monitoring, Family Support, etc.

Even if we showcase more than one update in any area, we still want to keep it short and exciting! The entire Bulletin Board should take no more than 10 minutes to devour.

Try these guidelines:

  • Keep it to one paragraph – 150 words max – use bullets if appropriate
  • Provide a picture or other visual that is specific to your story (see Release info below)
  • Include a data point if possible (e.g., 60 educators attended the virtual reopening PLI)
  • Include a link to related information (if available on a local’s website, for example)
  • Test it out. Set a one-minute timer. Read your submission out loud. If it doesn’t meet the one-minute test, see if edits are possible without losing your story.

Keep in mind, your submission is showcasing the work of a local partner.

Make it shine!

At least one article from each imperative section: Early Childhood; Access, Equity, Progress; and Secondary Transition are expected by the due dates outlined in the chart below. Other DEI/SES branches are invited to submit brief stories giving kudos to programs or school systems. Final articles will be approximately 150 words or less.  For the spring issue, multiple shorter articles/highlights are preferred.  Accompanying visual content, specifically authentic photos, is preferred.  Signed releases from local school systems are required for photographs of students and others. Additionally, a signed State Release Form may be requested. After the draft deadline, please be available for a meeting with the newsletter editor to assist with editing.  Articles should be written in 3rd person, using active voice and a consistent tense, with a professional but relaxed style.

Projected Publication DateApril 14, 2021
Guidelines sent to Imperative Leads and Branch Chiefs3/4/2021
Follow up sent to Imperative Leads re: draft article due date3/11/2021
Draft articles due to Cathy Wagner3/22/2021
Editing period3/22 – 3/31/2021
Begin final article submissions to Sherea3/31/2021
Publication date4/14/2021

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