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Frederick County Public Schools Uses Innovative Practices to Bring Students Back to the Classroom

Marcella Franczkowski speaks with a student in a covid-safe classroom

State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Karen B. Salmon encouraged schools to reopen at this week’s State Board of Education meeting, saying, “We must all unite in our efforts to maintain equitable learning opportunities and safely return students to their schools.” Today, Assistant State Superintendent Marcella E. Franczkowski shined a spotlight on Frederick County Public Schools for its innovative practices to bring students back to the classroom. 

Joining Ms. Franczkowski on today’s visit and tour of Gov. Thomas Johnson High School were Dr. Keith Harris, Executive Director, Accelerating Achievement & Equity; Dr. Linda Chambers, Director of Special Education, Secondary Instruction and Compliance; and Mr. Troy Keller, Director of Special Education, Elementary Instruction and Compliance, Frederick County Public Schools.

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