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DEI/SES Customizable Professional Learning Library Canvas eCommunity

View from above of a group of professionals learning on a computer

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), Division of Early Intervention and Special Education Services (DEI/SES) has developed a customizable professional learning and technical assistance process designed to support local Directors of Special Education in collaborative root cause analysis, development of professional learning materials, and ongoing monitoring of capacity-building at the central office and school levels.  In order to operationalize the process of delivering evidence-based professional learning to school-based educators, DEI/SES is designing a series of customizable professional learning packages aimed to narrow the gap for students with disabilities, providing local school system and public agency personnel with ready-made materials and options to customize design and deliver resources to meet the needs of all educators.  

The DEI/SES Customizable Professional Learning Library is housed on a MSDE Canvas eCommunity to provide easy access to resources and direct communication with  DEI/SES  liaisons for support.  Canvas is a web-based learning management system designed to support access to online course materials and communication for users, including learning institutions, educators, and students (Canvas Infrastructure Community).  The MSDE Canvas eCommunity site and posted materials are available to local Directors of Special Education and their designees responsible for the development, implementation, and monitoring of professional learning activities.

Directors of Special Education and their designees can login to the DEI/SES Customizable Professional Learning eCommunity here.

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